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Volunteer Advocates for Seniors and Incapacitated Adults

Indiana Code §§ 29-3-8.5-1 et seq. provides for Volunteer Advocates for Seniors and Incapacitated Adults (VASIA) program.

IGS functions as the court appointed guardian of last resort to adults who are incapacitated according to the meaning set forth in IC § 29-1-1-20.  This extends to adults with dementia, Alzheimer’s and conditions of aging, intellectual/developmental disabilities, traumatic brain injuries, and in some cases, mental illness and substance abuse.

Through a generous grant from the Indiana Supreme Court, as well as current grants from the Healthcare Foundation of LaPorte, the Michigan City Community Enrichment Corporation, and corporate and individual contributions, we are able to provide services to a number of individuals regardless of their ability to pay for services.  Please contact our office to discuss the criteria for VASIA client consideration.   

Our VASIA clients, which make up the largest part of our organization, are served by the same professionals who care for our private pay clients, and there is no difference in the quality of services our clients receive.  The process begins with a referral and our team will assess the individual for appropriateness for the program.  Everything-down to the legal filings-is handled in-house, creating an efficient and effective service. 

The need for guardianship for indigent individuals is much greater than our resources can accommodate.  If you are interested in supporting our mission, either financially or by volunteering, please contact us below.  With your help, we can ensure that no adult is without someone to oversee and authorize medical care and financial decisions.

IGS operates exclusively in participating counties, LaPorte and Porter. If guardianship services are needed outside these areas, the provided link here offers access to the full VASIA programs in the state of Indiana, facilitating potential referrals.

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