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Advocating for Older Adults and Adults with Disabilities
Indiana Guardianship Services, Inc. aims to prevent abuse, neglect, and exploitation of incapacitated adults through quality, person-centered advocacy, and guardianship services. We strive to provide conscious and compassionate guardianship services to vulnerable adults regardless of financial situation. Our vision is for a community where the basic human needs of the elderly and disabled are recognized, their wishes are acknowledged, and advocacy occurs with dignity and fairness.

Core Values

A Voice.


We are dedicated to providing our clients with the same compassion, attention, and patience as our own family.  We uphold the values of the National Guardianship Association and the National Association of Social Workers by advocating for the wishes and best interests of individuals who, through various circumstances, cannot speak for themselves.


Sadly, many of our clients have not only lost the ability to meaningfully understand their care, but sometimes a client has also been a victim of abuse, neglect and exploitation at the hands of a neighbor or loved one.  Whatever the circumstances, we are dedicated to protecting the individual and their interests and conserving funds to provide the best possible care in each unique situation.  


IGS is administered and overseen by licensed, trained professionals who receive ongoing education on guardianship best practices. Further, we operate under a memorandum of understanding with our trial courts and are subject to court supervision and regular reporting.  As institutional and individual members of multiple professional associations, IGS staff has a toolbox of resources for challenging and complex problems. 

Care and Compassion.

In a time when care facilities are crowded and busy, it can seem like individuals are forced to compete for limited resources.  Regular visits from staff and volunteers provide not only companionship and friendship, but also monitoring and advocacy to make sure each of our clients receive individualized and attentive care. 

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