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Guardianship Referral

Is there someone you know that needs guardianship support? Please review the required documents needing to be returned (Referral Form and Physician's Report) in order to add an individual to the list.

Indiana Guardianship Services, Inc. operates in LaPorte and Porter Counties. The Referral Form and Physician's Report both are required documents to be filled out and returned to LaPorte County Program Director Kayla Shifley ( for LaPorte County residents and Porter County Program Director Kardetra Redmond ( for Porter County residents. This will ensure the referral is received and the individual placed on the list.

Referral Documents

Cover Letter

To be eligible for guardianship, an individual must be

  • eighteen (18) years or older,

  • adjudicated incapacitated, 

  • subject to the jursidiction of a participating court, and

  • have no other viable alternative for guardian.

To see the full cover letter, please download the document here.​

Referral Form

The Referral Form covers the referral source and individual's history (i.e., demographic, medical, financial, etc.) needed to make a complete referral to the program. The Referral Form may be found here.

Physician's Report

Pending where the individual resides, the LaPorte County Physician's Report or the Porter County Physician's Report will be used. Indiana Code 29-3-1-7.5 is included to assist a physician in determining if an individual meets the State of Indiana's criteria for an incapacitated person. This form may be found here.

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