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About Us

A guardianship is a serious legal proceeding that authorizes another party to make decisions on behalf of a person who is unable to make decisions for themselves, such as those suffering from dementia, traumatic brain injury, or a developmental disability. The court may appoint a guardian to manage an incapacitated person’s financial assets, personal affairs or both.

Indiana is one of only a few states without a state-supported public system of providing adult guardianship services. Because of this, incapacitated persons without financial means or personal support from suitable relatives remain vulnerable to harm from financial exploitation, medical neglect, physical abuse, and emotional abuse. A guardianship can protect incapacitated individuals from financial exploitation and provide for the safety and well being of the individual by monitoring finances, health care, and living environment.  A guardian is able to make financial and health care decisions, and advocate for the wishes and best interests of the individual.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of fiduciary professionals throughout the state of Indiana, grant money is available at the state level to provide this vital service.  Indiana Guardianship Services, Inc., (IGS) is a newly incorporated agency dedicated entirely to providing guardianship services to incapacitated adults within participating jurisdictions.  IGS aims to prevent abuse, neglect, and exploitation of incapacitated adults through quality, person-centered advocacy through guardianship services.

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